Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just for the record

I just want to state emphatically for the record we in no way endorse violence for political gain.

Here's a short video clip.

Friday, April 30, 2010


Look, I don't care. I've said it before, I'll say it again. God wouldn't want us to waste this stuff, that's what it's there for.
He wouldn't have put so much of it, underneath Muslims and the wimpy creatures if he and Jesus didn't want us to kill them off!
So drill baby drill. Drill baby drill.
Louisiana? FUCK IT. It's dead anyway. This is God's smiting hand for them having voted democrat in the last election.
Drill baby, drill.

Don't like what I am selling? Show me your green card, because I've got mine, it's called a bible, and a Smith and Wesson to back it up.
Jeebus loves you. Always remember that the founding fathers, who were slave owners, built this nation on the idea of freedom, to do violence in the name of the Lord.
Go to church and learn it from the right kind of Jeebus preacher, then go home and have missionary style sex with as many wives as will have you.
Drill baby drill

Thursday, April 29, 2010

You've noticed some removed videos from here..?

I want you to know, I have nothing against satire. Especially when it comes to myself. I encourage it. Because free speech is the life blood of a free republic.
Notice I didn't say democracy.
Now, every now and then, the underwear in the basement crowd, goes too far, and use my videos in a way that disparages me, Uncle Rupe, and the Tea Bag crowd and our network.
I want you to know, I have NOTHING to do, with running around like a chicken with my head cut off, removing those videos from the web. Nothing at all. Here watch:
Here's a video:

And here's a horrible exagerated translation, somewhere below the video, that may or may not be directly below it, indicating my thoughts on the matter, however, the words may or may not be close enough to the video to constitute misrepresentation.
See? I have not complained to the Big Google from them to remove this video, or the big Tube. It's still up there. See it? There isn't a black screen with the words "The user has removed the video...yadda yaddda" because I encourage parody and satire.
Now, as I may or may not have been saying:
See? Progressives have a little trick, where they call something one thing, and they really mean something else.
Most people don't know what that means. It means vapid, stupid, sexually free, drug doing, NAZI, farm animals, child molesters, beastiality, communism, Marxist, Hugo Chavez, Che, Bill Nigh the Science Guy, Grocho Marx, Woodrow Wilson, Big Dick Black, Fabio, Hanna Montana...all these things.
Churches should not be about social justice. Jeebus, was not into that. He believed in a free market. That's why he threw the money changers out, because they weren't paying enough for his speaking fees, dummies!
Jeebus also had a fee for healing the dead. Pay for play.
Lazurus? You think that was for free?
Hell no! Thirty thousand sheckles. Refused to take Cisterces for it. Duh? Rend unto Ceasar? Hello?
It was said that at the end of his ministry, he was making 32 million sheckles a year. Not a bad take. But he was only paying 12 percent in taxes!
Under the Obama plan, JEEBUS would be FORCED to offer care, FOR FREE! Can you imagine how tired he'd get, sprinting back and forth across the sea of Gallelee to get from one venue to the next? How many loaves would this require. And oh, guess what? No fee for all the fishes.
It would have killed him, not to mention the state and federal income taxes would have killed the Judeans. C'mon.
Here's another film, depicting what it would have been like for Jeebus under the Obama plan.

Have a nice day. Enjoy all these videos to their completion. Carefully look through all the posts and note that nowhere, in these posts can it been seen that I am a pencil penis, bad sport who goes around having perfectly good center pieces for satire, removed.
Thank you

Monday, April 26, 2010


Here is the disgusting footage of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as she wades through the angry mob of protesters outside her offices, yesterday.

Fortunately she wasn't hurt. The appendage that was taken from her by these rabid liberals was vestigial, and she rarely ever used it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I AM SURELY BOUND FOR HELL, but at least I'll get a corner office before you will

It is true.
As for my soul in its eternal state goes, oh, yes, I am likely going straight to hell for all my bullshit.
But when I get there, I will arrive RICHER than any of you! And the number of souls I will have brought down there with me? Well, lets just say I'll be getting the corner office in the ole hot place.
Better to rule in hell than serve in Oligarhy, nez paZ?
By the way, why not admit it here? I have a huge - well, not huge, really, sort of middling? with kind of a twist on it? - man crush on the President of the United States. And it gives me a chubby. That's right, a little Glenn.Hence, my continued obsession with this president.
But I digress.
Just the other day on radio hour, I spoke of a plan that was telepathically piped in to me via, the Lord God Almighty. Whereupon, I also sold some advertising dallaz to one of our gold pushers.
Here it is being featured on a rival network

I am of course "using the name of the Lord in vain" when I do these little ditties.

But, what is really going to earn me a seat at the side of Lucifer is, I am stoking Hatred! And earning MONEY doing it! How much money? A SHITLOAD, LOOZERS! SUCK ON IT!
Watch to the end of my video and I'll give you a little taste of how much. I'm on the cover of a magazine that only features people after they've made their first $32 million. Watch also as I frame everything as a religious and cultural war.

Oh, I'm going to hell alright. With any luck at all I bring all of you down there with me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Coded Messages to ignite violent revolution!

Right, you and I are in the joke: heh, the anvil and the hammer. Those of my minions who remain unaware of the coded messages I am bringing through my show, watch this plea for non-violence.

When I say the words "peace" or otherwise invoke "non-violence" I blink once, each time. I also nod to the left and down. We've all heard the expression once for yes, twice for no. But, the left downward tilt of the head is like multiplying my last signal by 180 degrees; thereby indicating the opposite. I am sorry but exigencies of working to overthrow our renegade government force me to double and sometimes triple hide what I am really trying to say.
Thus, when I say "non-violence is the only way" (blink once, hard) this equals 'yes', but followed by head-tilt dealio (x180 degrees) therefor the answer becomes a resounding 'no' making the actual statement to you "nonviolence=no= violence =good."
Face it, I have to operate this way. You my exceedingly devoted followers, the ones who went to Orlando, who have purchased ALL OF MY material and who were sent the secret decoder rings, are very familiar with my coded messages. Some of which are not so subtle.
Here's an example. I talk at length about the FEMA Camps and how I cannot debunk them. But then, guess what? The Bilderberg and the Illuminati get to me, see? Or better stated they got to Doc Rodger and Uncle Rupe who left their own cease nd desist coded messages in angry emails to me, thereby forcing me to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction.
Watch to the end of the tape. See? I say it very clearly "they are making me say this- HELP!" followed with a hard blink "Yes!" AND NO left HEAD TILT but a straight up and down YES!!!!!!

You noticed the blink and the non-LEFT-nod? If not, play the video again and again until you see it all for what it truly is: a cry for help! Good, now you're getting it.
Okay, now let's move on to this anvil business of mine. Here I've dredged up this half-baked paraphrased out of context quote attributed to Ghandi about the anvil of truth and the hammer of non-violence yadda yadda as being our tools trade for battling the SOCIALIST MENACE REPRESENTED BY OUR RENEGADE PRESIDENT AND HIS EVIL MINIONS WHO MEAN TO INDOCTRINATE US ALL IN SOCIALIST NAZI DEATH CAMPS, ABORTING THE FETUSES OF THE FAITHFUL AND KILLING THOSE OF US WHO RESIST!
Think about it: can anyone TRULY believe the likes of myself and Sarah Palin would espouse non-violence when we face such an enemy TRYING TO USURP OUR COUNTRY FROM US?
HHHHHHuh huh huh...Helllllll NO!?
Watch me very carefully as I hit the hammer on the anvil! I say "non-violence is our hammer" THEN I SMACK THAT ANVIL WITH IT, HARD, TWICE!!! And NO NOD!!!
Now this is a video of me at the Orlando Conservative gathering with my anvil and my hammer. The vlogger failed to catch the actual smacks on the hammer but very definitely caught the head nod.

He did this in order to conceal the code and I thank him for his diligence. But so few people know about my secret blog here, I have no problem releasing the information to my faithful minions. The true believers and insiders.
Watch for more hints messages in the weeks to come. I will have a cut-out decoder page to go with my next book for those of you who want to keep up with the deeper messages. It will only cost you an additional $19.95 plus shipping and handling to get it; or $22.95 WITH the decoder ring, if you haven't ordered one of those yet.

Friday, March 26, 2010

WINK WINK! Hey Gang! Psst. No violence! Oh and, buy my schlock in Orlando

Come to the church of Glenn in Orlando. I will (wink) tell you about how it is not right to take up arms, bricks, rocks, airplanes against your fellow citizens even though some of them represent a cancer eating us FROM THE INSIDE AND SHOULD BE STOPPED OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE LED TO SLAUGHTER LIKE THE FATTED CALF.


Nothing reactionary about them

And if something awful happens (wink) our news program, and myself personally will have had nothing (wink) to do with it. (smile)